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Stuttgart, Germany, 2016

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Stuttgart, Germany, 2023

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CASiMiR Workshop

Habitat models are now being incorporated into the planning of morphological improvements, impact studies of river engineering measures and the optimized operation of dams. CASiMiR-Fish is a tool that have been used frequently in this context. Altered flow regimes and morphological characteristics and their impact on aquatic habitats but not less important on riparian and floodplain vegetation are aspects that can be studied with ecohydraulic models. For this reason a succession model that complements the CASiMiR habitat modeling suite, has been developed - CASiMiR-Vegetation.

The workshops present the fundamentals of habitat modelling and the approaches used in CASiMiR to describe relations between morphologic, hydraulic and biological parameters. Particular attention is paid to the modelling of habitats for fish, benthic invertebrates, and floodplain vegetation. The underlying fuzzy logic method as well as the advantages over the conventional preference approach (e.g. PHABSIM) are addressed. A hands-on introduction to the CASiMiR software using case studies and exercises will be given. All CASiMiR software can be downloaded free of charge.